5 Great Activities for Kids in 2016


Keeping your children active and engaged with the world around them can sometimes feel like a challenge. With the allure of television and video games so often keeping children indoors, and concerns about childhood obesity and inactivity have led to an increase in awareness campaigns and programmes designed to get children out and about and enjoying themselves.

If you want to help get your children into some new and fun activities this year, here are five great options to consider.


If you want to encourage your children to be more active, you can encourage them to take up new activities that they can enjoy when playing outside. For example, walking can be good exercise and a pleasant way to spend time together, but some children find long walks boring. Introducing ways to make a walk more fun can be a great way to encourage more activity. Scooters are extremely popular with children, and can be the perfect way to get them interested in the family walk.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts covers a wide variety of different disciplines and offers an excellent opportunity for activity and socialisation. Many children enjoy learning martial arts, from Judo and Ju-Jitsu to Karate and Kung Fu, and there are usually classes available in your local area that are geared towards young learners. Martial arts is a great way to introduce your child to a new interest well keeping them active.


We’re not specifically talking about ballet here. Dance has become a very popular activity in recent years and is a great way to express yourself. There are so many different options for dancing so your little one can find the style that suits them. Maybe they have an affinity for the traditional styles like tap and jazz or prefer something funkier, it’s theirs to find out.


Some kids are born water babies, and swimming is easily one of the most active and enjoyable forms of exercise around. Whether it’s getting your children into a local swimming club or simply taking to the pool on a Saturday afternoon, encouraging your kids to celebrate their inner fish will guarantee they have a lot of fun.


Is your child a budding star? If they’ve started to show an interest in creative activities like acting or singing, then it may be a good idea to look into a youth drama group to get them involved in. It’s important to nurture a child’s interests and help them to develop their talents, and a drama group can be an excellent way to help your child develop in confidence as well as exploring their creative sides.

What activities have you discovered for your children? Share your experiences with us.

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