5 of the Best Family Holiday Locations Around the World  

Holiday Locations


Portugal is on the western side of Europe and has so much to do there that you and your family will hardly be able to squeeze everything in on just one trip. This musical, soccer-loving country is home to stunning beaches, ancient and beautiful buildings that been around for ages, and a culture so welcoming that you will never want to leave. It is also packed with family friendly resorts like Martinhal which will keep both the adults and kids entertained. Portugal has a lot of Spanish and French influence so it is needless to say that there is a huge appreciation for the arts throughout the region, and there is no doubt that you will be able to find something for everyone in your family to enjoy there.


White buildings and blue waters are what best describe Greece from afar, but as you take the time to bring your family to this amazingly historic country there is so much more than meets the eye. Greece is the birthplace of the Olympics, home to the Parthenon, and embedded with a culture so rich that it would be hard to pass up a trip there. Greek people are fabulous cooks and very friendly, and you will have an opportunity to explore the city of Athens as well as hang out on a crisp and beautiful white beach all during one trip.


Australia is home to kangaroos, koalas, dingos, and some of the most amazing beaches and architecture that the world has to offer. Taking a family trip to Sydney offers an opportunity to get on a boat and ride the amazing sparkling waters in Sydney Harbor and even getting a chance to go inside the world renowned Sydney Opera House.  Just outside of the city there is theFeatherdale Wildlife Park where kids and adults get a chance to feed some of the animals, learn about the country’s environment, and even hold a koala.


Taking your family to India is one of the best places in the eastern part of the world to do so. The Indian culture has been around for thousands of years and is home to such notable icons like the TajMahal and many other beautifully designed buildings. Indian culture is gregarious, vibrant, and there is more to do and see than you will ever imagine. Try arrange for a road trip on the Indian Golden Triangle to get the most of your Indian family vacation.


Ireland is one of the most visited countries each year, and they deserve all of the tourism that they get. The emerald isle is home to over 2,500 castles and many of them tell their story as you walk through them and imagine what it was like to live in them hundreds of years ago. The Irish countryside is extremely picturesque and absolutely stunning, and locations such as the Cliffs of Moher and the Dingle Peninsula will completely change your life and how you think of the country. In addition to that, it wouldn’t hurt to stop by Blarney to kiss the famous Blarney stone or arrange to spend a weekend on the remote Aran Islands.

Photo Credit: Fraser Mummery

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