5 Tips for Family Holidays in the Cotswolds


One of the best places to get the most of the English countryside is in the Cotswolds where you and your family will be able to be free to relax and stimulated by beauty all at the same time. Not sure what to see exactly? Here are five tips to help you build your Cotswolds itinerary.

Cotswold Farm Park

The Cotswold Farm Park is home to one of the rarest sheep breeds in the world as well as several other animals that both you and your children will find exciting and educational. This is a great place to reconnect with nature and animals, all while getting to escape the hectic day-to-day routines that await you at home. The green fields and rolling hills will remind you how to relax and envision what life was like in this area so many centuries ago.

Blenheim Palace

The Cotswolds is home to the Blenheim Palace which is not just a regular castle, but it is also where the famous Sir WInston Churchill was born and is recommended in all Cotswolds guides. This is a great place for you and your kids to appreciate some of the oldest yet most stunning buildings in the area and all while being enchanted with the actual palace itself. There are walking tours to explore the grounds and do not cost too much to get in. And, if you visit during the fall months you might be able to see a re-enactment of the story of ClaudDuval which took place in the 18th century.

Corinium Museum

The Corinium Museum is the best way to experience a visit through time, as there are lots of fun and interactive displays for visitors to work with that tell the story of the area. Corinium is the second largest Roman town in the region and has seen and experience so many different sectors of history. It is sure to captivate your attention with all of the hands-on activities that you can work with and will be an interesting activity for the whole family.

Bourton Model Railway

For people who enjoy miniature things, the Bourton Model Railway is just the thing for you. Not only will this excite all of the model enthusiasts out there but visitors can also control the rains which makes it a pretty interactive activity. For those who are not been into models, it is still pretty amazing to look at and watch others control. You can even pop out and see some football in the river if you visit in August!

Westonbirt – The National Arboretum

Westonbirt is a beautiful area that you can either take a tour guide of or or explore on your own, as the 600 acres have a lot to offer visitors as far as sights to be seen. In addition to that there are also over 18,000 specimens of trees that live there so needless to say that the environment is pretty diverse. There are several walking trails to discover things as you go and once in a while special events take place in the area to enhance visitors’ experience on the land. It is a great place to let your kids run free and get some fresh air, while getting to sit outside to enjoy the surroundings yourself.

Photo Credit: Kumweni

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