7 of the Best Destinations for Family Cycling Holidays  


Fasten on the kids’ helmets and take off into the great outdoors for a perfect combination of sightseeing, adventure and quality family time. With the flexibility to take things at your own pace and biking equipment being sold at budget prices at many retailers, it’s no surprise that family cycling holidays have seen an increase in popularity. Deciding on a destination is the first step to planning your trip, whether you’re looking for countryside views or wish to travel along the coast. For routes, you can either book onto an organised group, or with a little planning it’s not too difficult to plan your own route, giving you a bit more flexibility. Here are our suggestions on some of the best places to explore on two wheels.

Elbe Trail, Germany

For a leisurely and beautiful ride, Germany’s Elbe Trail takes some beating. Beginning in Dresden, you can choose from 16 sections which vary in both difficulty and scenery. Along the way, you’ll pass numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Cornwall, UK

The south-westerly tip of the UK offers many routes for cyclists, walkers and equestrians. The Cornish Way is 180 miles-long, split into numerous sections with spectacular coastal views. It’s also a fantastic spot to enjoy some of the UK’s best weather, depending on the time of year you plan to visit.

Tuscany, Italy

The picturesque Italian countryside seems to make cycling that little bit easier. Or perhaps it’s the delicious cuisine and vineyards along the way which make it a fabulous pick for a cycling holiday in the sun. There are plenty of guided rides available with a wide range of accommodation options that are child-friendly.

Dordogne, France

If vineyards are your thing, southwest France is another contender for the top European cycling destination. The area offers some breath-taking trails through green valleys, or you can follow the river for a charming ride peppered with fine restaurants to help you and the kids relax.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

For a mix of magnificent scenery and comfortable cycling, Lofoten is a splendid choice. Dotted with fishing villages along the way, your family can travel back in time at the Viking Museum or stay up and be amazed by the midnight sun.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

This famed route for pilgrims is a 480-mile trail with many comfortable sections through the northern Spanish countryside. Accommodation is abundant and reasonably priced. Communal refuges are available along the entire route, where a normal donation of around 10 Euros per night can be expected.

The Lake District, UK

The north of England is world-famous for its inspiring landscapes, especially around the Lake District. With action-packed activities for families of all ages and accommodation ranging from family-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels and cottages, it’s easy to see why the Lakes attract visitors from all across the globe.

These destinations offer something for everyone, so pump up those tyres and make it a family holiday to remember!

Image by Phil and Pam Gradwell used under the Creative Commons license.

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