8 Reasons Why Woolacombe in Devon Is Perfect for Family Holidays


Devon is the kind of place you really cannot go wrong with when it comes to family holidays. The South West is a gorgeous corner of the UK boasting beautiful beaches, idyllic countryside and more amazing entertainment than a dozen lesser regions. And of course, the fact that it’s also statistically one of the sunniest parts of the UK doesn’t harm things either!

In terms of specific parts of Devon, Woolacombe is fast becoming the number-one choice for families up and down the country. And it’s really not difficult to see why either, as Woolacombe manages to pull together all that’s excellent about Devon and present it in a beautifully compact and enjoyable package.

So for those considering a staycation and heading down to the South West of England this summer, or really anytime of the year for that matter, here’s a quick look at 8 great reasons for choosing a family holiday in Woolacombe:

1. Enjoy the best beach in the UK

The beach at Woolacombe is quite simply the number one reason why families choose to holiday here in North Devon. Voted best beach in the UK in 2015 after 2 successive years as runner up, Woolacombe Beach was finally crowned ‘Best Beach in the UK’ in TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards:


Offer opulent relaxation and family fun in the summer, Woolacombe beach is also a beautiful and dramatic place for winter walks and springtime exploration. One look and you’ll see what all the fuss is really about!

2. Stay in award winning accommodation

On the doorstep of this award-winning beach is Woolacombe Bay Holidays Parks - an award winning holiday park and voted best holiday park in the UK in 2015. This entire place was built from the ground up with the modern family in mind, boasting an extraordinary array of family-friendly amenities and entertainment options. It’s also strategically located in one of the very best spots in the whole of Woolacombe, with all of Devon’s most wonderful sights and attractions right on its doorstep.

There are also some superb campsites in Woolacombe including:

  • Woolacombe Bay Holiday Park
  • Twitchen House Holiday Park
  • Golden Coast Holiday Park
  • Easewell Farm Holiday Park
  • Woolacombe Sands Holiday Park
  • Little Roadway Farm Camping Park
  • Warcomne Farm Camping Oar
  • Europe Park

3. Cycle the many family friendly cycle routes

Bring the family bikes or hire some and explore the Tarka Trail – one of the UK’s longest continuous traffic-free walking and cycling paths, and forms part of the Devon Coast to Coast Cycle Route. Devon is famed up and down the United Kingdom for playing host to some of the country’s most beautiful scenery – much of which is best explored by bike and on foot.


4. Adventure on a boat to Lundy Island

Lundy Island is a unique natural wonder the likes of which is captivating and enchanting on an entirely higher level. Tiny in size though incredibly diverse in its terrain and landscape, it’s almost impossible to believe that this incredible place lies so close to what we know as the ‘real’ world. Not only are both its plants and animals different to those of the mainland, but Lundy Island also has a notably sunnier and warmer climate too! Absolutely outstanding for a family day out.


5. Watch a 2D or 3D movie 

Let’s face it, the English weather isn’t the most reliable but fear not, there’s plenty to do on a rainy day including watching a movie at the 2D & 3D cinema housed in the new family entertainment centre at Twitchen House Holiday Park. They show the latest movie releases throughout the day, with lovely comfy seating and epic surround sound which is open to non-residents of the site too. And of course, they’re always happy to serve up the biggest buckets of popcorn imaginable to take care of the movie-munchies!

6. Go surfing, safely…even when there is no surf

If the waves are favourable, there’s great fun to be had in the waves at Woolacombe. There’s a couple of great surf schools such as Hunter Surf School, Nick Thorn Surf School and Woolacombe Surf School. So whether you’re heading for pro status or have never stepped on a board in your life, there’s so much on offer in Woolacombe.

Even if the waves are no good, there is a surf simulator at Golden Coast Holiday Park. They also have a high ropes course, climbing wall, WaterWalkerz, bungee trampoline, bungee run and adventure golf so plenty of fun for all the family.

7. Talk a walk on the wild side 

Following the mantra of ‘more animals, less cages’ this is the kind of animal park other zoos could learn a thing or two from. The animals are kept in immaculately maintained enclosures that replicate their natural habitats, watched over by some of the country’s leading experts. These guys have been doing what they do for 27 years now and have been making improvements to the park each and every year along the way. Of course, they haven’t quite managed to crack the secret to getting real-life dinosaurs into the park yet, but the world-class animatronic beasts they currently play host to really are the next best thing!


8. Enjoy great food

Last but not least, Devon is famed the world over for its incredibly decadent delicacies, ranging from the richest desserts to the most incredible seafood and everything in-between. And of course, Woolacombe itself is practically bursting at the seams with outstanding dining opportunities for the whole family, which include the following highlights:

  • The Captains Table – A fabulous café in a central location that’s a hit with families.
  • Big Chief Waffles – If waffles are your thing, you won’t go wrong here.
  • Barricane Beach Cafe – Serving up succulent local bites from morning ‘til night.
  • Bar electric – A good atmosphere with amazing views, along with great kids’ meal deals.
  • The Red Barn – Located in the heart of Woolacombe and also has great kids’ menus .
  • Beachcomber Cafe – Located literally inches from the beach for incredible views.
  • Jack’s Eatery – A lovely hidden gem you’ll be glad you took the time to discover.
  • The Boardwalk Bar & Restaurant – A long-time favourite among families for a very good reason.

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