A Holiday to Remember


There are certain destinations which are basically made for family fun. Whether it’s a beach resort or a city with plentiful attractions for the little ones, checking out destinations that keep everyone occupied is a definite must do if you want to keep tears and tantrums to a minimum.

Most children have dreamed of visiting the magic of Disney World at some point, and whether you have a little prince or princess in your midst, heading to Orlando is happily much easier nowadays, thanks to lower prices.

Disney World, Universal Studios, Wet ‘n Wild, Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove, SeaWorld, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – the list goes on, and on top of this you are in easy reach of some fantastic beaches, natural wonders such as the Everglades, and more family attractions than you can shake a stick at, a very big stick!

Florida holidays 2017 are out, and the prices are definitely down on previous years – this is great news for those who can’t simply afford to book and go, and it gives you time to save up. There are many ways to cut costs further too, including checking out your ticketing options carefully. There’s no point in buying a 14 day Disney World pass, as well as a 14 day Universal pass, simply because your holiday is two weeks long – it’s not possible to be in two places at once! Instead, put some thought into how many days you want to spend in each park, and buy the bundle deal accordingly; this will save you cash from the get-go. You could also consider staying outside of the main resorts, so avoiding the Disney hotels, and going to Kissimmee and sharing a villa with another family you know, or perhaps the fun of International Drive. Both of these options would be best served by hiring a car and driving yourself to and from the parks, but this is easily done and many holidays include this in the package.

Eating outside of the parks is another way to save cash; as you can probably see, there is a theme growing here! The parks are quite expensive in terms of what you buy inside them, such as food, souvenirs, and hotels etc, so if you want to save cash it’s best to fill yourself up at breakfast, perhaps heading to one of the large buffet restaurants around beforehand, such as Golden Corral or Dennys, and then eating a snack in the park, such as a large pretzel or some fruit; in the evening you can then head out of the park and eat a large meal for much cheaper if you head to International Drive, for example.

A Florida holiday obviously isn’t only about Orlando, because the Sunshine State is famous for many other destinations too – think of Miami, Tampa, the Florida Keys, Clearwater Beach, Daytona, etc.

So, when you’re planning your next family holiday, why not make your dreams come true and head to the sunshine and endless fun of Florida?

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