Aruba’s Best Places to Eat


Wherever you are travelling in the world, you need to sample the local cuisine. It is never much fun to go and just sample the local cuisine from your hotel alone. A true holiday requires you to get out and explore the numerous culinary options available. One thing however, sadly stomach bugs and other illnesses can put paid to our holiday plans, so it is important you always take out family travel insurance, which will cover you in the event of being seriously ill. We have rounded up the best restaurants in Aruba, you probably will not need your travel insurance for this set of choices.

Carte Blanche Restaurant

For those people who are real “foodies”, but for them, it is also about the experience, atmosphere and the food then this restaurant will delight. This exquisite fourteen seater elegant has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that is also very intimate. Most of the reviews state the best part of the experience is Chef Dennis van Daatselaar cooking his “Chef’s surprise” in front of your eyes, a 5 course Carte Blanche dining experience, that is paired with fine wines and premium cocktails.

2 Fools and a Bull

Located on Palm Beach, 2 fools and a bull is a eclectic mix of stand up comedy and culinary masterpieces. Diners state that you often have to book a number of months in advance, so if you are travelling to Aruba, get your reservations in now! Often likened to dining with old friends, the restaurant seats 14-16 as a maximum. Mingling with the other guests is compulsory. After each dining experience, the guests get assigned letters to their name. To find out what they mean, you must attend.


Located in Oranjestad, this restaurant really is very relaxing and welcoming. They sell themselves on serving food with a passion for tradition and excellence. The dishes are all prepared over a wood fired grill. If you are a vegetarian, or eating healthily, this is the place to go. The restaurant features a magnitude of gluten free and vegan options.

Senior Frogs

If you want to go more for the wild and wacky, but grab some good pub grub at the same time, then Senior Frogs is worth a visit. Just beware that it can get messy. Complete with water slide and foot long cocktails, you can guarantee that that it is a laugh a minute and their food is pretty good too!

The Beach

Pack up a picnic, or go to one of the assorted snack bars located throughout the beach and have your dinner on the Beach. It has to be one of the best experiences going. Nothing beats sitting on one of the beaches at Aruba, drink in hand and feeling the sand between your toes as you dine.

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