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Your Pre-Holiday Health Checklist

Being in tip top health before you embark on any journey is imperative, especially if you’re heading to an area where you need to be especially careful with your health, such as a malaria risk zone etc. Before you head…

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San Francisco With Teens

So you’re off on your holidays to San Fran, but there’s one problem – you’re travelling with the teenager, or teenagers, in your life, and you want to keep them as occupied as possible. So, what can you do? Here…

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New York With Teens

The Big Apple, New York, New York! The city that never sleeps … There are many ways to describe New York, with many labels over the years. Perfect for a visit regardless of who you’re travelling with, be it friends,…

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The Yucatan Peninsula With Teens

Your dream Mexican holiday need not be a stress-fest, a constant need to keep the teenager in your life occupied and grump-free. This beautiful part of the world is geared up for every age group, and that means there are…

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Sydney With Teens

Sydney is a city, and a huge city at that. Because of this fact, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the range of activities and attractions on offer is rather large, and aimed at every age group out…

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Queenstown, New Zealand with Teens

Extreme sports, thrill and spills, these are a couple of things that New Zealand as a whole is known for, well that and the Lord of the Rings of course! Queenstown is a very popular city to visit, and because…

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Paris With Teens

Ah, Paris! The home of romance, love, and many a cheesy chat up line. Despite all that, Paris is actually a very family friendly kind of place to visit, with lots of attractions, famous and otherwise, to visit and explore….

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Tips for Travel in South America with Kids

Plenty of families stick to old favorites like Disneyland or the closest beach resort for their family vacations, year after year.  That might work for them but for plenty of other families, mine included, it sounds a bit dull.  Why…

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London With Teens

Well, quite frankly, it’s not hard to keep anyone occupied in London. A massive, sprawling city, packed with more activities and landmark sights than you will ever see in one visit, the vibe around the place is enough to make…