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Two Week Itinerary for Costa Rica with Kids  

Costa Rica has everything a kid could want – adventure, wildlife, beaches, jungles, and more.  The small Central American country is a popular family vacation destination and only a short flight from the US.  If you are heading to Costa…

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Two Week Itinerary for Japan with Kids  

Japan is a fascinating place for kids to explore with its mix of peaceful temples and bright colored pop culture.  It is a safe place where families will feel welcomed and where a two week vacation will never seem like…


Contacts and Sports: What You Need to Know

Kids are not blind to the benefits of contact lenses, but are they safe for the active child? This is the kid that rough houses with siblings, plays football after school or is an active participant in the school drill…


3 Reasons Why Cycling in Denmark is Kid-Friendly

Denmark is the perfect destination for cycling during the holiday season. This country is made for all types of cyclists, including those little children. It is a very safe and sound place to saddle up and enjoy breathtaking sceneries. When…


Seven Fantastic Kid Friendly Destinations

Going on a family vacation can be the most fun time of the year, but it can also be problematic when picking a destination, as you’re looking for something that will both satisfy your expectations and keep kids happy and active….

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Nile Cruises – 4 Essential Ports of Call

The river Nile is one of the most magical and marvellous natural landmarks in the world. But even though ‘the Great River’ provided Egypt with political, spiritual and economic guidance centuries ago, it remains an incredibly significant and important part…

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Save, Save, Save! How to Create Savings Plan For Travel

Travel is a once in a lifetime experience, however it is something that requires money to fund plans. There is no such thing as a money tree, I know this because I’ve searched extensively, so unfortunately it comes down to…

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Two Week Itinerary for Australia with Kids

Heading “down under” is becoming a more and more popular family vacation option.  Australia is a great kid-friendly place packed with lots of interesting sites and activities.  Getting there can take some work, with long cramped flights, which is why…

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Two Week Itinerary for England with Kids  

England is a great place for a family vacation and has plenty of interesting attractions for kids of all ages.  From old castles in the countryside to the energy and fun of central London, finding things to do and see…

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Two Week Itinerary for Thailand with Kids  

Visiting Thailand with kids makes for one very exotic family vacation.  From relaxing on a breathtaking beach to riding elephants through the jungle, in Thailand, you can do it all.  The country is well known for being very kid-friendly and…