Easy Ways to Keep the Entire Family Active


Staying active is a great way to make sure that everyone gets the exercise they need. Doing activities as a family, is a nice way to keep everyone together, fit and happy.

Here are some simple suggestions to help you do just that.

Get on your bikes

One of the best activities to enjoy as a family is cycling. When your kids are young, that usually means sticking to the park and other safe off road areas.

Taking your little ones to the park on their balance bikes or trikes is great fun. If you want to go further, consider buying a seat for your bike and sticking them on the back.

As they get older and more confident, your children will easily make the transition to two wheels. Later they will want to be more adventurous.

At that point, you can buy them their first cross trainer, BMX bike or mountain bike. Radial Cycles who sell bikes online has exactly what you need.

Take a swim

Swimming is something children of any age can enjoy. You can take your baby for a swim almost as soon as they are born. In many areas, you will find baby swim classes available.

Have a kick around

A simple thing like having a kick around is a good way to keep everyone on the move. You may not feel like you are exercising, but you actually are.

Kids love this kind of impromptu activity. If you have a garden, you do not even have to leave the house to enjoy this activity.

Kiddie yoga

Teaching your child something like yoga is fun, and is something you can do at home. Exercising together as a family sets a good example. It gets your child into good habits that last a lifetime.

Yoga puts your child in touch with their body. This form of exercise helps to build a strong core and teaches them how to use their breathing during exercise. When you do this, you are laying the foundation for helping them to manage stress. It really is a wonderful activity, even for very young children.

Play active games

If you have a party, get the kids up and dancing. Offering active games like Twister is also a good way to get everyone moving and having fun.

When your children are very young simple activity nursery rhymes and games are great fun, and a good way to get them moving. Simon Says and Hands, Knees and Toes are two fun examples and they only take only a few minutes to do every day.

Solitary fitness activities

If you can set aside a little outdoor space for the kids, to enjoy solitary activities that keep them on the move. For example, set up a small square of hard standing on which they can skip, play hopscotch or practice basketball shots. Consider buying an old school Swingball set, a trampoline or a swing. Kids love them all and will play for hours without supervision leaving you free to prepare some healthy snacks for them.

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