Family Friendly Landmarks From Around The World


If you’re planning a family holiday, you’re going to want to get as much from your trip as possible. So, how about taking in a world famous landmark during your stay away? We bet your kids come home continuously from school bursting with new knowledge about world landmarks and with ambitions to see the attractions themselves one day. For whatever reason you’re planning a family trip away, know that there are a number of world famous landmarks that are especially suited to families, given the attractions and facilities on offer.

The following are just a few of the great family friendly landmarks you could consider adding to your holiday itinerary for 2016.

Niagara Falls, Niagara, USA

Niagara Falls is an absolutely breath-taking sight and is a hugely popular tourist attraction for both young and old tourists from across the globe. It is sighted by TripAdvisor as one of the top 5 landmarks in the world and it is no surprise.

Three waterfalls beautifully straddling the border between the U.S. and Canada – this is a sight that the whole family will remember for the rest of their lives. Enhance the experience for the whole family by taking a selection of some of the Magnificent Niagara Falls Tours that are on offer in the area.

 The Colosseum, Rome

 Another amazing family friendly landmark is the Colosseum in Rome. Young children become fascinated with this structure as they first learn about it in school and this fascination only tends to grow as children become young adults and watch the award-winning “Gladiator” movie that depicts events that took place in the former amphitheatre. There are special tours for families that include visual aids and re-enactments that really bring the history of the Colosseum to life.

Eiffel Tower, France

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous and recognisable landmarks there is, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to catering towards children of all ages. Here, you and your little ones can take behind the scenes tours that will allow you to discover unfamiliar places such as the military bunker below the Champ de Mars and the engine room that powers the tower’s elevators.

Your guide will be aptly dressed in costume of course, and will tell fascinating tales about the history of the famous landmark. Finish your visit with a trip to the second-floor observation level where you and your family can take in stunning views of the city of Paris.

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

Another one of the most recognisable landmarks in the world that warrants a family trip is the Statue of Liberty. Families can check out the famous statue as part of one of the many harbour cruises available. The harbour cruises will take you near Liberty Island and provide plenty of photo opportunities. And, if your kids are able to climb 354 steps, it really is worth taking a tour and checking out the view from atop the statue’s crown.

These are just four of many family friendly landmarks across the globe. Other worthy mentions include Ayers Rock in Australia, Big Ben in London, the Blarney Stone in Ireland, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. With 2016 just around the corner and so many family friendly places to experience, isn’t it time you started planning which of the above landmarks you’d like you and your family to visit next year?

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