Family Friendly Road Trips in Australia

The open road is calling!

Without a doubt, the best of Australia is seen away from the towns and cities, and in the smaller, more unspoilt areas of the country. Most of these can only be accessed by car, and are often stumbled upon by chance whilst wandering aimlessly, or as part of a journey to somewhere else.

It’s no accident that Australia is so full of different road trip routes, and there are plenty that are fun for all the family, meaning you can get out and about, and truly experience everything this huge and beautiful country has to offer. Of course, covering any distance means you need reliable transportation, so do your research before you decide on your car of choice. DriveNow car rental offer all different vehicles, perfect for your long-distance road trip, at fantastic rates, so certainly check that out.

Insurance, driving licence, vehicle – these should all be sorted well ahead of time, and ideally you need a little space to get used to driving your vehicle before you set off on your journey. Remember to stock up on the essentials, such as a first aid kit, and to keep all valuables safely locked away out of sight in your car.

Specifics out of the way, where can you head in Australia that is perfect for a family road trip?

Great Green Way, Queensland

Showing your little ones the beauty and importance of nature is something that should be done as early as possible and this route in North Queensland, between Townsville and Cairns is perfect for doing just that. Full of beaches, reefs, rainforests, waterfalls, and small villages, this is one breath-taking route, taking you through the Wet Tropics Rainforests.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

This iconic road trip is one that is famous the world over, and for good reason. The 12 Apostles will make your kids’ jaws drop in awe, as many of the other wildlife and natural attractions found in the Great Otway National Park will! This particular route is also very popular, so you will find plenty of facilities and campsites along the way too.

Gibb River Road, Kimberly, Western Australia

If you want a route that is totally and utterly yours, then the Gibb River Road is probably the one you need to be looking at. Because of the terrain, you will need a 4WD, but the route will take you through areas of amazing natural beauty, with waterfalls, wildlife, and plenty of natural land-space. If you want to educate your kids on the importance of looking after the landscape, this is a good one.

Nature’s Way, Northern Territory

Beginning in Darwin, Nature’s Way is another route that is rich in scenery, wildlife, and culture, making it easy to help you teach your children about Aboriginal culture in a hand’s-on way. The Mary River wetlands and Litchfield National Park are just two of the highlights.

The Pacific Coast Drive, New South Wales

Finally, we have The Pacific Coast Drive, which is enough to make anyone sit in awe. Travelling from Sydney to Brisbane, or even driving from Sydney to Melbourne to the south, you will pass through amazing coastal towns and villages, cliff-top views, rainforests, waterfalls, and of course the hinterland. There is plenty of history along this route, as well as lots to keep the kids occupied in terms of tourism facilities.

These are just five of the fantastically family friendly road trips you could take the kids on, out of a list of countless more. You really are spoilt for choice!

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