Five Family Friendly City Attractions


Waterside Walk

Take a stroll by the river – almost every city has one at its heart, harking back to dependence on the river for water and transportation. It’s a sure fire way to get a flavour of the history and development of the city, as well as providing scenic views – and it’s free! Alongside beautiful classical buildings, you’ll also find stunning modern architecture making for photo-opportunity heaven. Youngsters’ eyes are more likely to be drawn to what’s happening on the water though: there’s sure to be boats and maybe ducks and fish to look out for as well as bridges to go marching across.

Who’s Who At The Zoo?

There’s something so appealing about a city zoo: maybe it’s the contrast of an oasis of nature in the midst of intense urbanisation. And what child doesn’t love animals? Zoos make a wonderful outing for dry days but if it’s wet don’t forget the appeal of an aquarium, reptile house or indoor butterfly garden. It’s a good chance to take some quiet time and develop those powers of observation and not just march from one enclosure to the next. Just be sure to promise that ice-cream treat for the end of the visit and not before, to encourage good behaviour throughout the day!

Museums and Art Galleries

Museums and Art Galleries nowadays love family visitors: they are reaching out to draw young ones in with activity packs, touch and feel exhibits and baby changing and feeding rooms. For adults, multi-lingual headset will allow you to slip a dose of culture into your holiday and the cafe menus are often very appealing and reasonably priced. If your accommodation is especially central or you are reluctant to hike nappies and buggies onto a bus or tube, you may be prefer to hire a car during your stay. Car hire excess insurance is a good option to save you worrying about the inconvenience and expense associated with a potential bump or scrape while driving in an unfamiliar city.

Take A Tour

Guided tours are a great way to explore and learn about a new city. Take an open top bus or river tour, or join a walking group which caters specifically for families – they’ll be sure to engage everyone and help youngsters work off some excess energy at the same time. A new trend springing up is for free tours run by volunteers – they’re locals who are informed and enthusiastic about their city. If you enjoy the tour, you could give a donation.

City picnic

For many children, their natural habitat seems to be anywhere outside of four walls and they’re so full of energy it’s always best to let them off the leash as often as you can! So get to a park or open space, there’s sure to be several you can access in every city. They’re fun, free and full of interest such as sculptures, lakes and playgrounds. Stop off at a mini market and grab a cheap lunch on the go.

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