How to Find Cheap Accommodation When You Travel


Imagine this scenario for a second. You have just finished a successful project in your office and has been the talk of the company for spearheading a huge task. And to reward yourself for accomplishing all of that work, you decided you want to travel. But the problem is, you do not have enough funds left for a decent accommodation.

Well, if you are postponing that trip, hold on for a minute. There are actually a lot of ways for you to get cheaper accommodation. And you know what? Cheaper but decent quality accommodation means more rides to try out, more shopping, more food, and more memories made in the place you have always wanted to visit. So here are ways in which you can make the most out of your trip without sacrificing loads of money for accommodation.


Couchsurfing is, basically, staying at a host’s home. A host is someone native to the place you are going to. There are a lot of websites that help travellers look for hosts like Couchsurfing, Global Freeloaders, Hospitality Club, and Stay4Free. However, to avoid any kind of dangerous situation, make sure to check the person’s profile on those websites are filled out, have a picture, and have reviews.

Short term rentals

You can mostly find short term house or apartment rentals (or what is fondly called Airbnb) in Europe and Australia; but this is basically just staying in someone’s house or apartment (that they have clearly rented out) for the duration of your stay. It is usually fully-furnished, some are even fully-stocked with food. But the same safety tips used in couch surfing should be considered for house and apartment rentals to avoid dangerous situations.


Hostels are a popular choice for budget travellers. If you have not seen one, they are usually dormitory style, which means all the facilities are shared by a lot of people. Do not be swayed by its dorm style because there are hostels that offer room accommodations that can even compete with low star hotels.

Discount Promos

If you really like to stay in a hotel for just a short time, your best chance are low star hotels and their discount promos. These are budget-saving packages available only for a specific time with a few perks included. The inclusions may not be as grand, but at least the price is affordable.

Buy a house

It sounds counterintuitive to buy a house if you want to save money when traveling. But really, owning a house in a country you always visit is cost-efficient in the long run. In Australia, for example, many businessmen who works with Australian companies now own houses in the country. They find it cheaper and safer than staying in hotels. These foreigners would look at houses for sale with McGrath and other real estate listings and compare which one is perfect for them.

There are many options on how to save for your travel accommodation. Just make sure you have researched the property you are going to and have read the reviews. It always helps if the property is verified. Enjoy your budget-friendly accommodation, and have a happy and safe trip!

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