London With Teens

Photo Credit:  Doug88888

Photo Credit: Doug88888

Well, quite frankly, it’s not hard to keep anyone occupied in London. A massive, sprawling city, packed with more activities and landmark sights than you will ever see in one visit, the vibe around the place is enough to make you want to return. Teenagers will love the cool, trendy atmosphere, as well as packing in plentiful photographs to remember their time by.

Despite the simple act of visiting, what can you actually do to make sure every day you spend in the English capital is full and varied, without boredom and arguments setting in?

Oxford Street

We’ve all seen pictures and movies with the famous street, but shopping here is out of this world. Having said that, shopping in London overall is pretty amazing, and those holiday spends will be blown, with great fun had in the meantime. The massive Primark would be where I’d be heading, with masses of bargains. Don’t forget the cool markets either, with Camden a popular spot.

Street Art Walking Tours

Booking a guided walking tour of the street art around East London is a good idea for those creative teens in your life. It’s also a pretty cool thing to do too, in the eyes of a teenager.

clueQuest London

The perfect activity for families, this is a game for teams of around 5 people, where you’re locked inside the attraction and you have an hour to solve puzzles and codes, and be released. This will bring out that competitive edge that all teenagers have, and is a great way to lose an hour in the city.

London Dungeon

This famous attraction is perhaps even more famous for the London branch. A bit gory, a bit dark, but great fun, and will appeal to teenagers because of the slightly gruesome element. The actors inside are also fantastic at their jobs, so it will be a treat for adults too.

London Eye

Checking out the views from the huge Ferris wheel that stands on the banks of the River Thames is a fantastic way to check out the skyline and take some photos to remember. If you head over on a particularly clear day you can see for miles.

Madame Tussauds

We all know this particular landmark, but your teenager will love spotting their favourite celeb and having their photograph taken next to the extremely lifelike wax works. This attraction can get very busy so head over there early.

Concerts at the O2

If you time your visit right, you could catch a concert by a world famous artist at the O2 arena. Tickets aren’t cheap, but heading online to sites like Ticketmaster before you visit will give you reliable tickets and information.

This is just a short selection, and the list is literally endless.

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