Long Haul? Worth Every Second!


Spending a considerable amount of time on-board a plane is never anyone’s idea of fun, but when you consider what the pay-off gets you, i.e. a holiday in a wonderful far-flung destination, then it’s easy to see why so many people do it time and time again.

Despite the fact that sitting on that plane for what seems like forever will get you somewhere amazing, that doesn’t really help time go any faster whilst you’re sat there! There are a few things you can do to help surviving that long haul flight much easier on your tiredness, stress, and sanity, but a lot of it is basically down to preparation.

Before you travel, try and get as much rest as possible, because starting on an already tired foundation isn’t going to help you feel fresh for any length of time. Stress is another of those pesky issues which tends to affect our bodies in all manner of ways, and it’s easy to burn yourself out by fretting too much pre-travel. I always like to swot up on my travel arrangements in good time, and make sure I’m fully informed of any potential delays with my flight. I recently flew with BA, and I found this site online to check your BA flight status. I knew that when I left the house I had no potential problems facing me, which helped calm me pre-travel.

 Of course, whether you’re flying long haul or simply hopping somewhere nearby, you should never travel without adequate insurance. Always remember to declare any medical conditions you have, which may drive up the cost of your policy, but if you search well, there are some value travel insurance options out there for pre-existing conditions, and it’s all a case of comparing.

Your insurance will give you a safety net and comfort blanket, which of course reduces your stress, making pre-travel a calmer time. Arriving at the airport in tip top health and stress-free means your onwards travel will be less dramatic as a result, but if you can stay distracted and occupied during your flight, you’ll find that time passes much quicker. If you have a tablet or iPad, this is where you’ll find the best suggestions for time-passing! Charge it right up and load it with games, films, apps, and music, remembering your earphones of course!

Health has to play a part, so if you have any risk factors for DVTs, make sure you seek medical advice pre-flight, and wear compression stockings, regardless of how unfashionable yaou think they are! Remember to drink plenty of water and juice whilst you’re in the air, to stay hydrated, and keep walking around the cabin as much as possible, circling your ankles every so often when you’re sat down.

At times it will seem like you’re never going to land in that dream destination, but your long haul flight will be worth it in the end.

Photo Credit: Viscount Cabin via photopin (license)

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