My “Must Pack” Travel Essentials


Packing for a holiday can be a nightmare, but packing for a family holiday? Even harder! I’ve always found the notion of trying to think what you’re going to need for a week or two’s break really difficult; I like choice, and packing doesn’t really give me that luxury. What if I change my mind about what I’m going to wear? What if I have a wardrobe malfunction? Packing is a nightmare.

Despite the bulk of clothing and shoes that you want to take away with you, there are some essentials that you must remember, simply to help your holiday run smoothly!

What you put your belongings in is just as important, especially when it comes to luggage weight. Lightweight cases are fantastic for cutting down on excess luggage, and if you’re booking a family holiday, you will obviously all have your own luggage allowance, which it’s important to take advantage of! There are some great kid’s luggage products, and spreading your family’s packing needs over several cases makes proceedings much easier.

Travelling with kids can be a stressful business, but if you can try and involve them in the holiday build up as much as possible, keep them distracted, and stay as calm as possible, it’s easy to survive the travel part of your break without any major fall outs.

So, what are those must pack travel essentials and tips we were talking about?

My “Must Pack” Travel Essentials

Chargers and adapters

If you’re heading overseas you need to check what the voltage is, and whether you need any plug adapters. If you do, take a few, because you can never have too many and they have a habit of disappearing! Also remember phone chargers, ipad chargers and a USB plug to use with them.


Headphones are an essential for me when traveling with kids. Why? It lets me watch movies or listen to music at night when the kids are tucked up in bed in our hotel without disturbing them! If you’re searching for a pair of the best audiophile headphones then this site is a good place to start.

Mini first aid kit

This is probably best put in your hand luggage, but do remember that you can’t have sharp objects in your cabin bag or liquids over 100ml. Paracetamol, tissues, plasters, antiseptic cream, Calpol, these are all things you might need during your holiday. Also remember any medications that any of your party take on a regular basis, and put these in your hand luggage in the labelled boxes.

Change of shoes

We all know that no matter how comfortable that pair of shoes are at home, the moment you go away they’ll give you blisters and cause you foot-related problems! Take a change of day shoes and a couple of pairs of night shoes, just in case. I don’t tend to take heels away with me, because I’m too scared of breaking an ankle on pavements, so I wear sparkly flats instead.

Travel iron

Whether you roll or fold, you will still get creases. I always take a small travel iron with me, which is literally tiny, and does a major job.

Travel laundry detergent

A small bottle or container of travel laundry detergent is useful when you’re travelling with kids. If you’re trying not to pack the entire wardrobe, travel wash means you can run clothes through the sink and leave them to dry overnight, cutting down on what you take with you.

In my eyes, these are the essentials. Of course there are countless other things you need to take with you, but from a purely functional point of view, throw these into your case and you won’t go far wrong.

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