Paris With Kids


You may have been waiting your whole life to save enough money and finally take a trip to Paris – it doesn’t have to take so long, though. There are multiple coupons and promos you can use to save on the flights and a Target coupon code will help you to buy all the luggage and other items you will need at an affordable price. However, there’s another problem – to your kids the City of Light is just another place that their parents are dragging them to against their will… But you won’t have to worry about that either, if you plan your trip carefully and visit the following locations, which will make for a much better experience for the whole family!

Eiffel Tower

This one is most obvious and for good reason. Kids love to climb and they love tall buildings! The hardest decision you will have to make with your children is whether you are going to use the elevator or take the stairs to the top.

If you have youngerkids who are not ready to climb steps yet, tickets for the elevator must be reserved in advance so be sure to bear this important fact in mind, before you end up lugging a gaggle of tired, small children up to the 2nd level, which is where the access ends for those who do not have elevator tickets.

Notre Dame Cathedral

If your child is familiar with the classic Disney film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, then it is likely that they already have some level of interest in this amazing building. With its Gothic architecture, astonishing art work, impressive statues and facade that features several biblical characters, it will be very easy for you and your family to spend hours walking around the cathedral, soaking in all of the imagery!

Paris By Mouth Food Tours

Even if these tours were not designed with children in mind, they are a great way to introduce them to the local culture, while allowing them to sample a multitude of yummy foods. The selection includes pastries, chocolates and cheeses, so the menu is extremely friendly to children’s taste buds.

At the tour’s conclusion there’s a picnic, during which the kids can learn more about how the foods were made. Bonus tip: if you take the tour at the beginning of your Paris trip, you’ll receive a boatload of recommendations on how to explore the city that will make your trip even more fun!

Louvre Museum

Should you decide to bring your children to this museum; the hardest challenge will be making the choice as to which part of the exposition you are going to focus on. There is simply no way to see the entire Louvre in one trip! Picking out a few of the best paintings in advance to show to your kids and explain their history is best.

If your children have a Nintendo 3DS, they will be delighted to know that they can bring them and use to listen to the audio guides of the museum. Visitor Trails can be printed off in advance to aid you in locating the works you wish to see beforehand.

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