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Photo Credit: Éole via photopin cc

Photo Credit: Éole via photopin cc

In the weeks and days leading up to a holiday your mind could be likened to that of a whirlwind, constantly coming up with things not to forget, whilst also trying to conduct your daily work and home lives. It’s a stressful business, but with a little pre-planning and organisation, one that can be easily sorted out.

I find list writing helps me. It might sound a little too organised for many, but ticking off items from a list not only makes sure you don’t forget anything, but it actually gives you a little boost of achievement every time you put a tick in a box!

Check the list below and see if you have any of this sorted for your upcoming holiday.

How to get to the airport

Are you going by train, bus, or taxi? Or are you saving money and driving yourself and booking parking through I do this regularly and it is now a go-to service whenever I book a holiday. It’s also worthwhile thinking about the timing of your flight. If you have an early start, think about whether you may prefer to stay in an airport hotel the night before, to cut down on the stress and tiredness factors. I do this a lot, and I regularly book Glasgow Airport hotels with parking, proving that this is a service at all large UK airports. It’s certainly something to think about.

Are your visa and passport requirements in place?

You shouldn’t be leaving this to the last minute, so do this when you book your holiday. Check that you have at least six months validity left on your passport from the date you travel, and also check out with the Embassy of the country you’re visiting whether you need a visa for your particular nationality. You might, you might not, but don’t leave it too late.

Do you need any immunisations?

Some places require you to have extra or special immunisations, especially if you’re heading somewhere rural, or somewhere particularly far away. You may also need anti-malaria medication for certain parts of the world. Your doctor will give you the most accurate advice, and you should do this around a month before you travel.

Have you booked your insurance?

Travel insurance is something you should never venture away without. In the event of a problem this will be a huge life-saver. Simply make sure you declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of booking and search for a policy that suits your needs. Don’t agree to the policy that your travel agent offers you, as you will always find it cheaper online.

Tell your bank your intentions

If you’re planning on using your bank cards or credit cards abroad, make sure you tell your bank or credit card company when you are going and where you are going. This cuts down on the possibility of your card being blocked due to suspected fraud, and all it takes is a quick phone call.

These are the most important things you shouldn’t forget pre-holiday, as these are the things that can’t really be rectified that easily if you do manage to let them slip your mind.

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