Sydney With Teens

Photo Credit: aussiegall via photopin cc

Photo Credit: aussiegall via photopin cc

Sydney is a city, and a huge city at that. Because of this fact, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the range of activities and attractions on offer is rather large, and aimed at every age group out there.

If you’re travelling to this surfing Mecca of the world with your precious teenager, then you might be desperately scrambling around for information on the best things to do, in order to occupy their mind and stop the grumps from setting in. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Sydney hugely caters for teenagers, with plentiful family-based activities too, so you can all enjoy your time together. The serene, laid-back vibe of Aussie life in general will be soothing!

Bondi Beach

You can’t visit Sydney and not visit Bondi Beach! Around 9km from the city centre, your teenager will love the laid-back atmosphere, and you can even book a surfing lesson as a one-off. See, fun and educational!

Sydney Tower

The stunning panoramic views from the top of the Sydney Tower will awe your teenager, as well as the OzTrek cinema experience too. Worth every single penny of the admission fee, remember the camera for this one.

Darling Harbour

A family bowling experience at the Kingpin Bowling Lounge could be just the activity for a spot of family bonding and also bring out the competitive side in your teenager. The Laser Skirmish will also be good fun, especially if you have a couple of competitive souls with you.

Lindt’s Chocolat Café

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This is a no-brainer for me. Whether you’re a teenager or 99, this is a must visit.


Jumping on the ferry over to Manly is one of those traditional things in everyday Sydney life, so you have to experience it. Once there, you can skateboard or rollerblade along the seafront walkway, which your teenager will love.


We all love a good film, and teenagers especially. The 3D Imax theatre is therefore the place to head in an evening, or perhaps to get away from the intense summer heat.

Sydney Opera House

Teenagers love to head to the famous landmarks of the places they’re visiting, because it is something they can identify with and something that is familiar. There is nothing more famous in Sydney than the Sydney Opera House, and you can walk around this stunning building, even to simply say ‘I’ve been there!’

These are just a few suggestions, but Sydney as a whole is a treat regardless of your age.

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