Thailand on Two Wheels?


Thailand is a varied and wonderful land, a place of culture, diversity, beauty, nature, wildlife, colour, vibrancy … we could continue listing adjectives, but you get the general picture!

Millions of people head to South East Asia every single year, and the overwhelming majority of them end up in Thailand at some point during their trip. Whether they head off to enjoy a legendary Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, the idyllic beaches of Koh Samui, the nightlife of Phuket, or the city life and neon lights of Bangkok, there is much more to this cultural land than those well-trodden destinations.

In order to truly understand the underbelly of Thailand, you need to get into the heart of it, and appreciate the passing landscapes and experiences there are to be had. The single most effective, and probably the single most enjoyable way, to do this is to head off on a motorcycle tour.

Not an experienced rider? No problem, you can start with a guided itinerary and as part of a group, which will give you confidence and a route to follow which you know is designed by experts who understand and breathe everything Thai. Motorcycle tours in Thailand basically show you the best sights, without the effort of having to navigate yourself there, and probably miss a lot of the good stuff.

Vintage Rides have years of experience in putting together some of the best itineraries around for visitors to enjoy, and they truly show you the passing landscapes, as well as the highlights. The Golden Triangle Mountains and Edge of Siam Kingdom are two of the most popular tours on the programme, taking you through iconic sights, as well as hidden villages, misty mountains and lush forests.

Thailand is about so much more than the touristy neon-lit nightlife which you see so much of on TV and in magazines; there is a peaceful, serene, mystical, and cultural side to the country, one which few visitors get to see from the regular tourist destinations. A motorcycle tour offers freedom, the wind in your hair, and a first hand view of everything which is passing you by as you travel from one interesting site to another. Everything is taken care of for you, leaving you to just wonder at what you’re seeing.

Accommodation is included, an English speaking guide is on hand to help you, and the experience is like no other. From the digital nomad hotspot of Chiang Mai in the northern portion of the country, to beautiful and high altitude Pai, passing by iconic rice paddies, markets, towns, villages, river settlements, wildlife, and everything else in-between, touring Thailand on two wheels is probably going to be one of the most memorable and worthwhile experiences of your life.

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