The Case for Self Catering


I guess when it comes to holidays we all have our preferences, our regular ways which help us feel more comfortable in a place we’ve never been before, giving us courage to go out and explore a little with a safety net behind us. For some this is traveling to a country similar to somewhere they’ve been before, or maybe visiting the same resort but a different part of it. For me, I go about this a different way, and I tend to focus more on board basis.

I think a lot of people are the same, because food is such a personal thing. Many of us are a little picky with what we eat even back home, so the uncertainty of eating in a country with different delicacies and cuisines can be difficult, especially if you have children in tow. This is why I tend to go self catering.

Yes, this option tends to put up the cost of your holiday whilst you’re there, although probably lowers it at the booking stage when compared to all inclusive or even bed and breakfast, but there are plenty of ways you can save money on your holiday, to allow you to have more to spend whilst you’re away.

Take my recent holiday booking adventure for example. You probably wouldn’t believe that I saved money by doing this, but I recently found a flight from Manchester which was much cheaper than from my more regional airport. I wanted to book it, but the flight times would have meant I needed to get up really early in the morning to travel there, which would have put a real downer on the rest of the day. What did I do? I booked one of the Manchester Airport hotels and travelled down the evening before, enjoying the extra night to my holiday, and certainly enjoying the lower overall cost, when compared to my regional airport fares! It can be done, and it’s all about working out the combined costs. I used, and the price was so low, I’d certainly do it again.

The money I saved here meant more to spend whilst I was away, and I enjoyed going out to different restaurants around the resort, picking where I wanted to eat each night, trying different things at my leisure, and even cooking in the apartment a couple of times too. I guess this is what self catering is for me – freedom to go where I want to eat, without being tied to one place, where I might not like the food on offer.

We all have our favourites when it comes to board basis, but maybe it’s worthwhile switching for your next holiday, to see if you could get more of an authentic experience from a self catering break.

Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

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