Tips for Travelling with a Baby

If you’re starting to travel with your new baby, don’t worry! I have a few tips on how you can smooth the transition to travelling with a baby. It’s not easy at times but it can be done.



Here are a few of my best tips for travelling with a baby:


1. Bring your own travel crib. Find the best pack and play travel crib for your trip type. Whether you’re road tripping or visiting grandma or training around Europe you need to bring the right pack n play for the job.

2. Take it slow. Think you need 2-3 days to see a city? With a baby, it’s better to make it 4-5 days. You either need more time or you need to visit fewer destinations. You have to account for the down time you need when you travel with a baby. For nap time, jet lag, sleepless nights… give yourself some breathing room.

3. Pick an Airbnb. It’s so much easier to be able to put baby to sleep in a bedroom while you sit in the living room. You can do laundry too which is useful for travel with kids.

4. Bring a baby carrier. Even if you have a stroller at home you can use a baby carrier for boarding a plane handsfree or even wearing during a flight to make it easier to move around, use the bathroom, eat etc.

5. Pack an old blanket. You can use it to put baby down on an airport floor and stretch their legs when you’re on a layover or waiting to board a flight.

6. Don’t stress yourself out! You can do it. Looking after a baby when you travel is just as easy as looking after a baby at home. There might be a few added challenges like navigating in a foreign language or weird food but in general it’s pretty easy if you’re confident in your parenting abilities.

7. Always have a change of clothes in your carry on bag! For you and for baby. You never know when they are going to power poo all over themselves and you. You just don’t want it to be on a 12 hour flight!!! Put a packing cube together with a change of clothes for every one in your family and keep it in your carry on bag and your day bag when you’re out and about.

Let me know if you have any tips on travelling with a baby!

photo credit: ryaninc Watching airplanes via photopin (license)

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