Trips to Tempt a Teen


The best places to Travel with a Teenager

Planning a family vacation can become that little bit more complicated when there’s a teenager involved! Changing tastes mean that what they used to love when they were younger might be like, totally outdated. So we’ve put together some of the best vacation ideas that are sure to draw out even the most sullen adolescent!

The need for speed in Spain – Port Aventura

If Spain sounds a little ‘refined’ for a teen, Port Aventura is bound to surprise them! It’s said that kids never outgrow water slides – they just get bigger and faster! Port Aventura is an entertainment resort in Tarragona which attracts over 4 million visitors each year and is just 30 minutes from two major airports. With six hotels to choose from, an enormous variety of restaurants and some truly terrifying rides for kids of all ages – this is truly a Spanish holiday with a difference, all within easy range of some more traditional romance and culture for mom and dad.

Turn over a new leaf and go out on a limb! Stay in a treehouse!

While it may sound a bit childish, many teens will enjoy having a unique experience to share with their friends – especially if there are loads of opportunities for impressive selfies and photos of them whizzing past on treetop ziplines! If you’re in the States, the Treehouse Institute of Takilma in Southern Oregon offers just this. To really impress a tech-savvy teen, let them check out the virtual tours. This kind of holiday has enough adventure to keep a teenager entertained, as well as plenty of open space to spend some time alone.

Wi-Fi – it’s not worth fighting over.


If they can’t live without Wi-Fi (and you’re reluctant yourself) – then a break from the everyday routine doesn’t have to mean being cut off from everything online. Plus, how else are you going to share your adventures with the folks back home?’s survey of more than 22,500 children and teens revealed what most parents would expect – about 89% of the respondents said that a strong Wi-Fi signal is ‘essential’ to their holiday. (And it means you don’t have to give up the casino games either!) If you’re trying to prevent tantrums, then cutting your teen off from the online world is really, really, really not the way to go about it.

Luckily, the hospitality industry knows this too – and finding connected accommodation is becoming easier and easier. Check out these spots which all boast excellent Wi-Fi to go along with your now peaceful holiday:

Caribbean Beaches resorts:

The Beaches resorts of Turks & Caicos and Jamaica pride themselves on being ‘teen-friendly’. The all-inclusive experience offers as much activity as they can possibly wish to squeeze into their stay – from learning how to play golf, participate in a range of watersports, chill out with arcade games or even take part in karaoke competitions or enjoy a drive-through movie! Of course, endless miles of sandy beaches and excellent diving opportunities make for a great holiday all on their own – and yes, the hotels have great Wi-Fi!


Golden rules:

If you’re trying to coax your teen into actively participating in the family fun holiday – the first step is getting their opinion on where you go. Ask them to use their tech-savvy to help you browse and compare ideas – you might learn something!

Teens need their space, so don’t try to force them to be with the family all the time. Just make sure the activities are enticing, give them time – and watch them come to you!

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