Why Going On the Ferry to France with Kids Makes Sense

You’d be forgiven for thinking that with flight times in the region of one hour, taking the kids to France by plane would be the obvious choice. But as so many parents will have found out the hard way, it never works out quite as easy as expected.

By contrast, mention the idea of taking the kids to France by ferry and you might be looked at as though you’d just blurted out something unintelligible…archaic, at least. Nevertheless, actually give ferry travel with the kids a go just once and you’ll immediately realise you have in fact struck gold.

But wait…you’re no doubt crying…why does it make sense to choose a mode of transport that is slower and takes longer than the alternative?

The answer, well, there are actually quite a few answers, which include the following benefits of going to France on the ferry:

1 – An Early Start

First of all, with so much incredible entertainment, dining opportunities and general merriment to revel in on-board, you get to start your holiday the moment you step on the ferry. This cannot exactly be compared with being packed so tightly into a low cost airline seat you can barely move.

2 – Save Time

You might think you are doing the kids of favour by taking them by plane, but think about it…are you really? By the time you have factored in getting to the airport, queuing to check in, being herded through security, hanging around for two hours prior to your flight and then having to find your bags on the other side, how much time do you really think you have saved? If you have the kinds of kids that don’t respond well to boredom, ferry travel makes an ideal choice.

3 – Save Money

Not only does ferry travel have a tendency to be considerably cheaper than air travel, but you will also save a small fortune on car hire. The fact that you will already have your car with you means that you don’t have to worry about organising and paying for a rental car on the other side, or driving a car you aren’t familiar with.

4 – More baggage

One of the benefits of travelling by ferry is the way in which there are technically no baggage restrictions whatsoever – anything you can fit into the car is fair game. As most parents will know, travelling with kids usually means taking A LOT of luggage with you, which in the case of flying with a low cost airline can be borderline extortionate. You can even take the family bikes along for the ride, if you fancy!

5 – Sweet Dreams

Last but not least, pretty much everyone would agree that flying at the most unpleasant hours of the evening and early morning is nothing short of…well, unpleasant! For families in particular, one huge bonus of many ferry crossings is that they allow you to book yourselves a cozy cabin for the night, in order to ensure that you all arrive refreshed. So instead of spending the first day wandering around like zombies, you can kick your holiday off in true style!

Finally, if you need any more convincing that travelling to France on the ferry with your kids is a good idea, this infographic created by Brittany Ferries highlights everything we’ve just mentioned along with a few extra benefits when it comes to ferry travel.

Ferry to France vs Plane

Image source: Brittany Ferries – Ferry VS Plane to France

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